Mark Ossinger

Managing Broker + District Director

About Mark Ossinger

Mark Ossinger is the Vice President of Operations and Managing Broker for Fathom Realty in the State of Washington. Fathom Realty WA, LLC is a real estate brokerage specializing in representation of clients through the process of purchase or sale of residential and multi-family real estate. Mark is a graduate of the Rockwell Institute of Real Estate. After acquiring his real estate license, Mark began his career in multi-family property management and renovation of those properties to increase value through cash-flow. This led to the sale of many of those properties and ultimately the path into real estate sales. Mark has been a prominent, high producing agent with RE/MAX, John L. Scott and Keller Williams in the Seattle metro region that spanned some 25 years. Mark has developed real estate teams and produced other highly accomplished agents through affiliation and mentorship. Mark was recently presented with the “President’s Award” as the #1 producing agent nationally, within all of Fathom Realty for 2017. Mark was introduced to Fathom Realty in March of 2013 and quickly recognized the affinity both the leadership and he had for the real estate business and the trends towards virtual office design. Fathom’s “servant minded” focus in support of their agents is one of Mark’s strengths. Mark was brought on as the District Director for the State of Washington which allows for connecting like minded brokers across the state with the progressive, forward thinking of Fathom Realty’s virtual office structure. “My clientele personally believe in the expertise that I provide, how I provide it and the enormous benefits they receive from it.” ~Mark Ossinger

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Just saw a story, published in the Seattle Times today that noted how Seattle is again an "exception" as our ousing prices here, as of April have increased a net 0.0%So if your house is on the,

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We just brought this 1920's era "classic" Ballard property to market. Great Loyal Heights location on a picturesque street. Boarding Sunset Hill, the walkability to soon to be favorite spots is.

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